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    Cargo transshipment is a Chinese-to-Taiwan logistics service provided by Ibuy88 for customers who purchase goods. After the purchase of the goods is completed, please enter the name and number of the shipping company in China on the 【Commissioned transshipment】 page and click Submit. After the goods arrive at Ibuy88's China warehouse, they will be weighed and contacted. Please receive a reminder and pay, and other matters will be handled by Ibuy88.

    Service Features

    Ibuy88 works closely with a number of logistics companies to provide you with efficient, quality logistics services. Please send the goods to the exclusive warehouse address of the member. The warehouse address can be viewed on 【My Page】. The commissioning method is simple. After delivery, you only need to fill in the details of the goods on the 【Commissioned transshipment】 page, the name of the shipping company, the number, etc., and submit it. ※Please fill in the domestic number of the tracking number, please contact the shipping company if you are unclear.

    Transshipment process

    Our advantage

    • From commissioning to payment, the entire process can be completed within the website.

    • The 12-hour service system provides you with efficient, high-quality transfer services.

    • The transfer handling fee starts from $0, and the total weight of the goods is unlimited. Perfect transportation insurance, can send Amazon FBA.

    • The two-way communication function, the goods entering the warehouse, can be packaged and transported at any time.

    • My page function clearly understands the storage and shipping status of the goods.

    • Member points feature, from time to time to provide shipping discounts.

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